NEW TIMES "Best of" Awards ~ Best Director 2016, Nicole Stodard, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde/A Map of Virtue by Erin Courtney/OR, by Liz Duffy Adams.  

BROADWAY WORLD MIAMI AWARD, 2015, Margaret Ledford ~ Best Director of a Play, Waiting for Waiting for Godot by Dave Hanson

BROADWAY WORLD MIAMI AWARD, 2015, Jovon Jacobs ~ Best Supporting Actor in a Play, A Map of Virtue by Erin Courtney

SILVER PALM AWARD, 2015, Barbara Sloan ~ Outstanding performance in Vita & Virginia

SILVER PALM AWARD, 2015, Niki Fridh ~ Outstanding performance in Vita & Virginia

NEW TIMES "Best of" Awards ~Best Actress in a Musical, Ann Marie Olson, Always...Patsy Cline

BROADWAY WORLD MIAMI AWARD, 2014~ Best Featured Actress in a PlayAnn Marie Olson, CHURCH by Young Jean Lee

SILVER PALM AWARD, 2013 Nicole Stodard, for producing consistent and outstanding presentations of daring and challenging works at Thinking Cap Theatre, and for her outstanding adaptation and production of The Rover.

NEW TIMES "Best of" Awards~ Best Director 2013, Nicole Stodard, The Rover.  

"Stodard oversaw a marvelous reboot, drastically trimming the duration and cast list and stamping the production with anachronistic flourishes, from the inventive costumes — punk-rock and fetish wear commingle with ecclesiastical garments and luchador masks — to the century-spanning musical choices. Under Stodard's direction, Behn's dated verbiage flew off her characters' tongues with the ease of smartphone tweets, and she guided Scott Douglas Wilson, as the titular Rover, to one of his most galvanizing performances yet."

NEW TIMES "Best of" Awards ~ Best Director 2012Nicole Stodard, Cleansed.

"[By] wallowing in the X-rated material, it's easy to overlook the beautiful subtleties of Stodard's direction. The resources at Empire Stage, her company's host venue, are more limited than any other theatre space, prompting Stodard to generate a lot from very little: Rubber dismembered body parts, strips of red blood to indicate blood, creepy sound design, and minimal set that exudes existential despair, pitch-perfect song transitions..She helmed a difficult play, making it impossible to forget."Type your paragraph here.