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MUD by Maria Irene Fornes



OR, by Liz Duffy Adams



A MAP OF VIRTUE by Erin Courtney


"Seriously funny."

"Anyone who knows GODOT, loves comedy, or has worked in theater will adore it.


"Glorious..The stuff that laughs are made of."

VITA & VIRGINIA by Eileen Atkins


Church by Young Jean Lee                                                                                              

"Irresistable..completely enthralling"


"A strong, sincere production" 

~Christine Dolen, MIAMI HERALD

"Pure hallelujah"


"Perfectly calibrated..a new kind of theater" 

~John Thomason, NEW TIMES

Hot Dog by Sarah Kosar                                                                                                     

"Under Stodard’s direction, the actors illuminate the realities and complexities of care giving, here taken to extremes in Kosar’s toxic setup. Bondi conveys the range in Dog’s behavior, making her cruel and impossible to please yet pitiable and dog is an imaginative take on a situation that resonates disturbingly in our aging-averse culture."

~Christine Dolen, MIAMI HERALD
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Pool (No Water) by Mark Ravenhill                                                                                     

"Impressive...boundary-stretching, intellectually provocative drama"

                                                     ~Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"Thoroughly entertaining ... gleefully bulldozes over the boundaries of traditional theater"

                                                     ~Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater on Stage

"Absolutely refreshing"

                                                     ~Michelle Solomon, Miami Artzine

"A wondrous evening of theater"

                                                     ~Jesse J. Leaf, Around Town Newspaper

"a must-see event in Ft. Lauderdale"

                                                     ~Clifford Cunningham, Sun News Miami

Waafrika by Nick Mwaluko                                                                                                 

"Thinking Cap Theatre continues to introduce audiences to provocative plays. Here Stodard stages yet another, and makes the choice not to go for shock value..the players and director merely render ..Mwaluko's human story."

~Michelle Solomon, Miami Artzine

"From a sociopolitical standpoint, Waafrika is one of the most vital, visceral experiences you'll encounter on a stage all year. It has the immediate capacity to raise awareness and change lives."

"The..cast is flawless."

"Waafrika is not a perfect play, but in this sobering production, if it encourages just one person to take action on these issues, it's worth not only seeing but also cherishing."

~John Thomason, New Times

"Thinking Cap, an increasingly significant South Florida theater company, is all about delivering provocative, intellectually and emotionally compelling drama. Though the storytelling in Waafrika is flawed, the story is an important one."
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~Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"TCT's a deeply earnest and illuminating if imperfect examination of the toxicity of tradition. But even Waafrika's flaws are washed away by one of the most harrowing finales seen on a local stage."

"The arc of this tale is a tragedy..and you'll likely see it coming, but that doesn't rob it of an iota of its power as staged by director Nicole Stodard."

~Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater on Stage

The Rover by Aphra Behn, adapted and directed by Nicole Stodard                                      
Featuring Scott Douglas Wilson as the Rover, Nori Tecosky, Lela Elam, Desiree Mora, Noah Levine, Mark Duncan, 

"TCT honors and delivers The Rover. Giving a vintage sex comedy a hip, hot entertaining makeover that makes sense is no small achievement. Yet that's exactly what Stodard and the Thinking Cap crew have pulled off."

"Stodard gets fine work from creative collaborators Chastity Collins (set and costumes) and Stefanie Howard (lighting), David Hart (sound) and Paul Homza, whose 'fight' choreography is Looney Tunes funny."

"The well-schooled acting company makes what night otherwise be difficult dialogue easy to follow. The bombastically charming Wilson, the magnetic and moving Elam, the saucy and seductive Tecosky, the earnest and funny Levine, the alluring Kats, and the cleverly clownish Duncan, in particular are deft at communicating the meaning in their characters' words."

"Staging a lesser-known, large-cast theatrical classic on a modest budget is a risky move for a small company. But with the intelligence and imagination Stodard has brought to The Rover, Thinking Cap's risk pays off."

~Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"Inventive and quite delicious."

"It is a large cast for sure, but Stodard has reconfigured the small space to a three-quarter seating arrangement, therefore leaving room to create different levels through the middle of the small house. The limited mainstage area, surprisingly, never seems crowded and she's smartly worked out how to make use of extra playing space, including a fascinating courtesan's chamber against the back wall that blends into audience seating."

"[Chas] Collins created the set design, an inventive backdrop of representations of subway cars that are handily used as entrance and exit points."

"Wilson owns this play and well he should. He makes the words his own, creating subtly nuances to deliver the language in a contemporary flow, plus he's a master of never letting a double entendre go unnoticed."

"This is smart, elevated theater made palatable, not pandering, to the masses. As Behn so succinctly said in her sequel to The Rover, "Variety is the soul of pleasure." TCT's production carries that torch with its era-hopping variety, classically modern soul, and as an evening of pure theatrical pleasure."

~Michelle Solomon, Florida Theater on Stage

"Thinking Cap's artistic director, Nicole Stodard, cut the original from three hours down to two and didn't change a word. So that's the challenge: getting twelve of today's actors to mouth 300 year old dialogue and make it sound just fine to our eager ears. Did it work? Oh, you bet, but with the caveat that the acting talent covered a broad range, topped with the brilliance of Scott Douglas Wilson as The Rover."
"I could easily watch this again."

~Roger Martin, MiamiArtzine

The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey                                                                                     

November 2012

Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Jim Gibbons, Mark Kroczinsky, Scott Douglas Wilson

"Thinking Cap crafts a compelling 'Drawer Boy'"

"[T]hanks to the work of director Nicole Stodard and the lovely performances of a three-man cast, The Drawer Boy is once again demonstrating the warmth, humor and loss contained in a compelling story."

"Stodard has shaped her small cast into a cohesive ensemble. Gibbons is delightfully deadpan as Morgan...Kroczynski is moving and energized as..Angus..[and] Wilson..demonstrates the good heart sometimes obscured by Miles' self-absorbed artistic process."

"Set designer Chastity Collins is evocative on a tiny budget, creating a farmhouse kitchen with odd, flat cupboards..[that]..reveal black-and-white photos from his lost past, glimpsed talismans of memory."

"The Drawer Boy is a rather traditional piece by Thinking Cap's eclectic, experimental standards. But with it, Stodard amply demonstrates one more facet of her range."

~Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

"For a company whose niche lies in edgy, button-pushing plays for the gender-bending youth, The Drawer Boy is proof that Thinking Cap Theatre can do straightforward, mainstream theater with the best of them."

"Chastity Collins' set design is a notch above nearly every production I've ever seen at Empire Stage."

"[D]irector Stodard could not have chosen a better cast to act out this deep-rooted exorcism of truth. Gibbons and Wilson perfectly embody their clashing personalities, with the prior an obstinate, grizzled personification of heartland values and the latter a sensitive interloper who wouldn't know a tractor from a hoe.""But as Angus, this is Kroczynski's show, and for an actor seldom seen in professional South Florida productions, his performance is a revelation...It's a performance that engenders pity, discomfort, and ultimately hope — the staggering center of an enormously powerful show." 

~John Thomason, New Times

"[D]irected with beautiful brush strokes by Nicole Stodard, the play is a study of memories, the power of storytelling and much more."

~Rod Hagwood, Sun Sentinel

"Haunting and packs an emotional wallop..There's a lot of theatre to choose from right now in SoFla, and TCT's production of The Drawer Boy is one of the best of the bunch."

~Mary Damiano, Florida Theater on Stage

"If you only see one show this season, make it TCT's The Drawer Boy."

~Jesse Leaf, Around Town Newspaper

The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret by Mariah MacCarthy                                            
October 2012

Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Andrea Bovino, James Carrey, Noah Levine, Desiree Mora, Daniel Nieves, Arturo Sierra, Nori Tecosky 

"[T]his ensemble sells the material with natural humor and tender conviction."

"Everyone fits like puzzle pieces into director Nicole Stodard's vision of MacCarthy's tapestry of American youth, playing off each other's infectious energy. Their charms easily spread to the audience, in a production full of endearing touches and tonal shifts."

~John Thomason, New Times

"A well-chosen and talented cast, backed by Nicole Stodard's controlled direction, fit this exuberant play into Empire Stage's micro stage."

"Cabaret is as relevant as Facebook or Twitter."

"Thinking Cap has once again stirred up the adrenaline, this time by throwing down the genderf*ck gauntlet mocking and exposing the outmoded and self-conscious standards of sexual identity."

~Jesse Leaf, Around Town Newspaper

"Expertly directed...each of the nine actors does an outstanding job."

~Cliff Cunningham, Sun News

Love Burns, featuring All about Al and Date with a Stranger by Cherie Vogelstein                   
Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Shira Abergel, David Michael Sirois, Mark Dellaventura

"Love Burns is coffee house comedy with an edge...Love Burns takes disparate elements – a pair of edgy comedies, songs that range from creepy to dreamy, good-quality coffeehouse fare – to create an accessible experience that reflects what Thinking Cap is all about."

~Christine Dolen, Miami Herald

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"Thinking Cap Theatre's Love Burns offers a double shot of humor...playfully directed by Thinking Cap founder Nicole Stodard, who has set them both in a coffee house called the Hip Sip and paced them as breezy, quick-witted pastiches of urban relationships."

~Rod Hagwood, Sun Sentinel

"After a mere two years, Nicole Stodard's Thinking Cap Theatre has established itself as one of the true treasures of Fort Lauderdale. It is, by far, the most courageous performing arts troupe, bringing to this area works that tax the boastful to put their money where their mouth is -- works that seldom see an audience outside of the big cities and college stage -- and its versatility is truly amazing...High praise all around as the actors skillfully metamorphose into entirely different personalities over the course of the evening."

~Jesse Leaf, Around Town Newspaper 

"Credit Stodard with helping the actors excavate every nuance and every laugh in Vogelstein’s script, and sending it flying by you as if the words and emotions were facets of a door-slamming farce."

~Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater on Stage

Cleansed by Sarah Kane                                                                                              
March 2012

Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Christina Jolie Breza (Grace), Daniel Nieves (Graham), Jim Gibbons (Tinker), Robb Alter (Robin), Desiree Mora (Woman)

"Thinking Cap Theatre lives up to its name with this challenging work...[B]ravura direction by Nicole Stodard...Acting with real power and surprising delicacy, the cast holds 'Cleansed' together, which is no small feat with a spare script in which every word seems to have two or three meanings."

~Rod Hagwood, The Sun Sentinel March 21, 2012

"Directed by Nicole Stodard, this could be the most bleak, provocative and intensely poetic 80 minutes of theater in recent memory."
~Eileen Spiegler, Miami Herald March 16, 2012

"[A] spare, yet thought-provoking production that will leave audiences shocked, perhaps 
mortified, and forced to challenge every conventional assumption of love...[Stodard] gets a lot
from her mostly young cast and makes the most of Kane’s terse, fast paced and emotional
dialogue. George Kun’s minimalist set effectively transforms Empire Stage’s tiny space into
the cold, hopeless institution with just a metal examination table, bench and school desk, but
its the creative lighting from Jeffrey D. Holmes and Nate Sykes and extensive sound effects 
from David Hart and the Thinking Cap team that complete the nightmarish scene."
~JW Arnold, South Florida Gay News March 13, 2012


Death for Sydney Black by Leah Winkler                                                                           
November 2011

Directed by Nicole Stodard 

Featuring Shira Abergel, Axy Carrion Bannon, Desiree Mora
"Artistic Director Nicole Stodard chose the right play in Sydney Black to give her troupe the chance to stage a world premiere. With its socially conscious message (although the subject matter is well worn) and its unencumbered form and style, it fits her company’s mission. It is a challenge, for sure, to pull off a play like Death For Sydney Black, but Stodard as director has found a way to make it work in the small Empire Stage space."
~Michelle Solomon, Florida Theater on Stage November 18, 2011

"Sydney Black's" consummate tongue-in-cheekness is lifted by strong performances from Thinking Cap's ensemble, while the crew's technical prowess gleams in sequences that drift, rapid-fire, between Abergel busting out into Vanilla Ice-caliber freestyle raps ("[Sydney Black's] got a big booty like a Honda, her fair skin's attracting all the anacondas") and "Moron Cheerleader" (Erica Schiff) complaining how cheerleading has turned her into an anorexic.
~Phillip Valys, The Sun Sentinel November 17, 2011

"Theater troupe has crowd use thinking caps."                                                                       
~Beth Feinstein-Barti, The Sun Sentinel August 19, 2011

 "Treasure Coast youth fight against violence in original drama, "The Choice of Life."              
~By Michael Goforth,TCPalm Scripps Newspaper Group, June 9, 2011

S/HE by Nick Mwaluko                                                                                                         
September 2010

Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Carey Brianna Hart, Charita Coleman, Damian Robinson, Arsimmer McCoy, and Yesenia Iglesias

MilkMilkLemonade by Joshua Conkel    

June 2010

Directed by Nicole Stodard

Featuring Christina Groom, Allie Rivenbark, Damian Robinson, Scott Douglas Wilson